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Plans and Punts

It was a beautiful day here yesterday, the first in a string of one, and it was Friday (the 13th), the end of a good but long week. Everything seemed right for a special dinner – prepared partly outside, partly in, and eaten around the table with the doors flung wide open. And then, around 4:00, more than two-thousand local residents lost their power and had to punt their dinner plans. So last night’s dinner menu is making its way to tonight’s table. I thought I’d give you a little forecast of what’s to come. It looks like I may be grilling in my rain boots tonight, but that’s nothing we and countless others haven’t done before. It’s part of the adventure – now that’s the spirit!

Tonight’s dinner will go something like this:

Grilled Lemon-Fennel Chicken Skewers
Morrocan Orange, Red Onion, Fennel & Olive Salad (sounds so weird and I promise, it’s SO delicious!)
Couscous – with maybe herbs & spices or toasted pinenuts – we’ll see what comes

I’ll be sure and let you know, with photos and posts tomorrow, or possibly tonight, depending on how contented and lazy I am after tonight’s offerings. Yes, probably tomorrow.

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