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wooing summer

It’s only June, not quite the middle, and not yet officially even summer. For the time being, our approach is still to laugh at the weather. That’s an approach that can’t sustain us forever of course, but we’re being good sports so far. Despite the threatening gloom approaching in wind-born and bruised clouds, despite the rain puddling brown around our sandaled feet, despite the wind lifting our hats, we break the grill out. Though we’re bundled in our jackets, we cook “cooling” things, quintessentially summer, as if  our faith in the season could woo summer closer.  As troubles go, this is a minor adversity, barely hitting the scales! Certainly we can bear up! Summer’s always come. It will again, and maybe still this year! So we eat our shrimp and our cucumber salad, dip chips in home-made salsa, maybe drink an ice-cold beer or two, shake our soppy heads and laugh at the weather. It’s June in Portland.

(I’m back from my little road trip south and have several nummy things to post about. Not wanting to give too much away, but in the next few days you’ll see fresh takes on salmon and halibut, a fresh fruit galette and a promised ice-cream. And … well, more! )

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  1. Ashley #

    So pretty, Ma. You’ve so perfectly described being a Portlander in the month of June. I anxiously wait with you.

    June 8, 2011

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