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leaving love on the table

Today I leave town on a road trip to visit my daughter and family.  I leave my husband alone to fend for himself, sweet thing. It’s not at all that he’s incapable. He took care of himself quite well for years in fact. But usually when I leave town, I make something ahead that he can reheat, and I always try to have something homemade for his breakfast (such as those muffins in the freezer that I posted about the other day.) This time though, I completely ran out of time. That means he’ll mostly go out for dinners. He does it in a guy-kind-of-way and I think he secretly enjoys it. Still, I couldn’t think of leaving home without leaving some love on the table.

Grandma Bea's Banana Bread with Chocolate

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  1. Ashley #

    So purty.

    June 2, 2011
  2. He is a lucky guy, that guy of yours.
    You posted this two days ago?
    I’ll bet there’s not a crumb left of Grandma Bea’s bread.
    Someone is happily licking his chocolate fingers!

    June 4, 2011

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